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Mp4 Video In My Boss Malayalam Movie Free Download

My Boss Malayalam Movie

My Boss is a 2012 Indian Malayalam-language romantic comedy drama film written and directed by Jeethu Joseph, starring Dileep and Mamta Mohandas in the lead roles and Mukesh in a cameo appearance. It is the third film by Jeethu Joseph. The film is produced by East Coast Vijayan under the banner of East Coast Communications. It was filmed in Mumbai and various locales in Kerala. The film is inspired from the American film The Proposal (2009) starring Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock, which included various dialogues and plot twists which adapted into the film 'My Boss'.

The film is set in the backdrop of the IT industry. The film follows Manu Varma (Dileep) who's hired as the executive assistant in a leading firm in Mumbai who aspires to migrate to a foreign country while Priya Nair (Mamtha Mohandas), his boss, an Indian-born Australian citizen has visa problems at a time when she has the opportunity to get a promotion. This leads Priya to get into a fake marriage with Manu to stay in India.

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My Boss released in Kerala on 13 November 2012, Diwali day to positive reviews and was declared a commercial hit. The film was remade in Kannada in 2014 as Software Ganda starring Jaggesh and Nikita Thukral, it is currently being remade in Tamil as Sandakkari in 2021 starring Vimal and Shriya Saran.


Manu Varma lands in Mumbai to join an IT firm, Quadra Infotech, as executive assistant to C.M.O Priya S. Nair (Mamta Mohandas). He has a BTech degree and passed with distinction in 2004 but has no work experience until 2012. Priya is shocked seeing his reports and his distinction and asks why chose this job; he says it's because of family problems. Manu's boss Priya, an Australian citizen, is a witch of a woman who verbally abuses her subordinates and criticizes them for the slightest mistakes. Manu works his heart out for three months under his cruel boss. He is ably supported by an 'all in one' errand boy, Ali.

Manu gets his chance to hit back at his boss when she has visa issues and is expecting a promotion to company head. Priya cooks up a story that she is in a relationship with Manu and they will soon get married. They act as lovers which leads to several comic scenes. Manu then gets approached by Priya's rival, Mathew Abraham, who is fighting for the same promotion. Matthew offers to help Manu as long as he keeps Priya away from the office for 30 days. Mathew also informs the immigration of Priya's fraud. The immigration officer warns Priya and Manu of the consequences of fraud marriages and they will investigate this matter thoroughly.

Priya decides to take Manu to her home town in Kerala to convince her family and the immigration officer of their relationship. Manu agrees to go along with the plan as he wants to see his parents who live nearby. On their way, they meet with an accident and are rescued by Manu's father, Varma ( Saikumar), who takes them to his home. Priya pretends to be Manu's fiance and wins over his family members, except for his mother ( Seetha), who senses something fishy.

Meanwhile, Manu's ex-girlfriend Anjali ( Lena), who dumped him for a rich guy, returns to his life and tries to rekindle their romance. Priya feels jealous seeing Anjali's closeness with Manu and realizes that she has fallen in love with him. She confesses her feelings to Manu, who is shocked and confused. He tells her that he cannot marry her as he still loves Anjali.

Priya decides to leave Manu's house and return to Australia. She bids farewell to his family and apologizes to his mother for lying to them. She also tells Manu that she will resign from her job and recommend him for the promotion. Manu realizes that he has also fallen in love with Priya and runs after her. He stops her at the airport and proposes to her. Priya accepts his proposal and they hug each other. The immigration officer, who has followed them, witnesses their genuine love and approves their visa. They get married and live happily ever after.


  • Dileep as Manu Varma

  • Mamta Mohandas as Priya S. Nair

  • Mukesh as Mathew Abraham (cameo appearance)

  • Saikumar as Varma, Manu's father

  • Seetha as Manu's mother

  • Lena as Anjali, Manu's ex-girlfriend

  • Kalabhavan Shajon as Ali, Manu's friend

  • Asokan as Immigration Officer

  • Valsala Menon as Priya's grandmother

  • Suresh Krishna as Priya's brother

  • Reena Basheer as Priya's sister-in-law

  • Master Jeevan as Priya's nephew

  • Anil Murali as Anjali's husband

  • Chali Pala as Priest


The film has four songs composed by Sejo John, M. Jayachandran and Gopi Sundar. The lyrics are written by Santhosh Varma and Rafeeq Ahammed.








Karthik, Shreya Ghoshal

M. Jayachandran




Vijay Yesudas, Shweta Mohan

Gopi Sundar




Vineeth Sreenivasan, Rimi Tomy

Gopi Sundar



"Kuttanadan Punchaneele"

Rahul Nambiar, Sayanora Philip, Naveen Madhav, Ranjith Govind, Afsal, Rijiya, Cicily Abraham, Divya S Menon, Sangeetha Prabhu, Anwar Sadath, Sejo John

Sejo John


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