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Two Wives Full Episode Korean Tagalog Version

Two Wives: A Korean Drama with a Tagalog Twist

Two Wives is a Korean drama that aired on SBS from May 4, 2009 to October 30, 2009. It tells the story of a woman who wakes up from a coma after six years and finds out that her husband has remarried another woman. The drama explores the themes of love, betrayal, revenge, and forgiveness as the two wives and the husband face various conflicts and challenges in their lives.

two wives full episode korean tagalog version

The drama was a hit in South Korea, ranking first in its time slot and garnering high ratings. It also received positive reviews from critics and viewers for its realistic portrayal of human emotions and relationships. The drama won several awards, including the Grand Prize for Kim Ji-young, who played the role of Yoon Young-hee, the first wife.

In 2014, Two Wives was adapted into a Philippine version by ABS-CBN, with Kaye Abad as Yvonne Aguirre (the first wife), Erich Gonzales as Janine Arguello (the second wife), and Jason Abalos as Victor Guevarra (the husband). The Philippine version followed the same plot as the original, but with some changes to suit the local culture and audience. The Philippine version also became a success, earning high ratings and positive feedback from fans and critics alike.

Where to Watch Two Wives Full Episodes in Tagalog

If you are interested in watching Two Wives full episodes in Tagalog, you have several options to choose from. Here are some of them:

  • You can watch Two Wives on Bilibili, a video-sharing platform that offers various Asian dramas with Tagalog dubbing. Bilibili has all 120 episodes of Two Wives in Tagalog, which you can watch for free. You can also interact with other fans and leave comments on each episode. To watch Two Wives on Bilibili, you can visit [this link].

  • You can also watch Two Wives on iWantTFC, a streaming service that provides Filipino content online. iWantTFC has all 120 episodes of Two Wives in Tagalog, which you can watch with a subscription fee. You can also download the episodes for offline viewing. To watch Two Wives on iWantTFC, you can visit [this link].

  • Another option is to watch Two Wives on YouTube, where some users have uploaded the episodes with Tagalog dubbing. However, this option may not be reliable, as some episodes may be incomplete or removed due to copyright issues. To watch Two Wives on YouTube, you can search for "Two Wives Tagalog" or visit [this link].

Why You Should Watch Two Wives

Two Wives is a drama that will keep you hooked with its intriguing plot and captivating characters. Here are some reasons why you should watch Two Wives:

  • Two Wives is a drama that explores the complex emotions and relationships of the three main characters: Yvonne, Janine, and Victor. You will witness how they deal with their love, hate, jealousy, guilt, regret, and forgiveness as they face various challenges and dilemmas in their lives.

  • Two Wives is a drama that showcases the superb acting skills of the cast members. Kaye Abad, Erich Gonzales, and Jason Abalos deliver convincing and realistic performances as the two wives and the husband. They are supported by a strong ensemble of actors who play their family members, friends, and enemies.

  • Two Wives is a drama that offers a mix of romance, drama, suspense, and comedy. You will experience different emotions as you watch the episodes. You will laugh at the funny moments, cry at the sad scenes, feel angry at the villains, and root for the protagonists.

Two Wives is a drama that will not disappoint you if you are looking for a quality and entertaining show to watch. You will enjoy watching the story unfold as you follow the lives of the two wives and the husband.

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