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Where To Buy Birthday Cake Sparklers

Of course, we also have a great selection of items beyond just sparklers for birthdays, too. Whether you want some unique decorations or something that will awe the crowd, we have many great options. Here are my personal favorite choices.

where to buy birthday cake sparklers

Lastly, the quality of your birthday sparklers is important to having a successful event. Other low quality brands can scorch your frosting or create unwanted smoke in your home. We source from the highest quality manufacturers to ensure a consistent performance each and every time. If you want the best for your event, never accept any substitutes.

There is no better way to celebrate your special occasion than with birthday cake sparklers. At ViP Sparklers we specifically designed our birthday sparklers to last long enough to sing happy birthday and celebrate with your closest loved ones. Every birthday cake sparkler lasts for approximately one minute allowing plenty of time to rejoice and party the special occasion. Don't worry our big birthday cake sparklers are handcrafted to ensure no residue falls on to your cake! With our cake sparklers for birthdays you will be able to still enjoy your dessert while capturing some of the best sparkler pictures! All birthday cake sparklers are safe for all venues because they can be used indoors and outdoors. All orders ship the same day to ensure these arrive for your big celebration!

Everyone wants their birthday party to be an exciting and fun event, and we offer just the right accessories to make yours over-the-top. Birthday sparklers add excitement and delight to a party and help create enduring memories. You can decorate a birthday cake with cake/bottle sparklers or use them to create an exciting effect when presenting a bottle of wine or champagne. Number candles are more impressive than you've ever seen them when they give off bright sparks, and confetti ramps up the fun and laughter at any celebration.

Looking to add a special sparkle to an adult birthday event? Champagne bottle sparklers are a top-selling option. Simply attach a plastic clip to a wine or champagne bottle and add a 4- or 6-inch bottle top sparkler, using a lighter to ignite a 12 to 16-inch gold fountain magic that lasts 30 to 50 seconds. If you're hosting a house party, you might consider using two bottles for a show-stopping presentation. Restaurant and bar owners can buy bottle top cake sparklers in bulk to add a unique touch for private parties and reward patrons for choosing your establishment for their celebration.

Cake top Sparklers are a great way to add some flash and sizzle to your birthday celebration! The small size is just right for topping a birthday cake, and each sparkler has a spike that holds it securely in place. The cake sparkler shoots a bright, nearly smoke-free fountain into the air to celebrate your special day. These birthday cake sparklers are four or six inches long and a half-inch thick, and each sparkler shoots out a flame that gives a festive air to the occasion. These bright show-stoppers are food-safe and will add excitement to any birthday party. Uniquely shaped party candle sparklers include hearts and stars. Instead of the usual candle, try this flaming surprise!

Number candles are often used to decorate birthday cakes. For a spectacular display, try using number sparklers in place of candles. These birthday sparklers are also food-safe and will add pizzazz to your celebration. You can use them to indicate the age of the birthday person, or even show the date of their birth with four sparkling number candles. For adults who may not be so keen on their age, you can use numbered sparklers to write out the year of the celebration to look back upon.

Why settle for candles that everyone uses when you can have your own fire spitting candle and amaze anyone who sees it. This product will not drop ashes or discolor any color cake including white topped cakes. These are a great way to celebrate your next birthday, Throw away those boring candles and get candles that They will make your friends go WOW! These birthday cake sparklers are anything but boring.

Dim the lights and hush the crowd for an epic cake reveal at your wedding or next birthday party. With 10 inches of sparks, this cake or bottle sparkler is sure to awe your guests and be the highlight of the night. Pop them on the top of champagne bottles for extra dazzle.

These sparklers have a one-inch plastic spike that can be speared into the cake or food item to stabilize. When using them with a beverage, attach up to two bottle clips to the neck of any champagne, wine, or soda bottle and then slide the sparklers onto the clip. Make sure to light the flat, white part of the sparkler.

TOPS sparklers are perfect for gifting - just include it with your greeting card! It's sure to delight everyone! One gift recipient used the TOPS sparkler on her daughter's first birthday cake and said it sparkled more than any other sparkler. Needless to say, it made everyone smile. :D

When you need quality birthday cake sparklers to make your party stand out from the crowd, be sure to browse Our food-safe party sparklers are an easy and affordable way to add some color to your party or event. Our 4-Pack of Big Birthday Cake Sparklers will leave a lasting impression on your guests, and they can burn for approximately 45 seconds, making them great for photo opportunities. Our Musical Flower Birthday Candle Sparkler is a great sparkler to put on top of a birthday cake. When lit, this birthday cake sparkler plays music and pops open to reveal birthday candles. For a simple birthday cake sparkler, consider ordering one of our number shape sparklers online. 041b061a72

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