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Jonathan Morris
Jonathan Morris

Pingpong 2006 Movie Online

he and the wailers are the greatest band on the planet. they are a treasure that the world should be preserved and cherished forever. bob marley is an artist, he is a man of the people and he is a king. he has taught us the true meaning of love and peace. he is a life saver. he saved this world of ours from the ravages of greed. marley is the greatest human being that ever lived. he is and will always be more than a man. he has been deemed as god by many. he is the creator. marley is an artist that will never be forgotten.

Pingpong 2006 Movie Online

it is not that we need him because he is an icon, he is an icon because we need him. marley has made us have a deep appreciation for life. he made us connect. he made us start living the life we should be living. he made us appreciate ourselves and others. he made us appreciate a freedom which we could never have known, had it not been for him. his music is like a voice for the people. it is the reason most of the world is free today.

its a shame that some regular avc commenters wont see this post, as they prioritize a selfish need to curate their online experience over their commitment to the broader avc can just screen shot it and drop the image or you can simply quote it.that said i dont think that people in houston area are the same as people deciding to live with 2nd homes in beach areas that are flood prone. plus nobody is disputing this was an unusual storm that hit in areas that are typically not flood prone. also and honestly its simply not possible for most people to get up and move unless someone with money paid to relocate them. (and that has happened in areas of natural disasters).lastly it seemed that all of the video that i have seen on cnn, nbc and so on shows almost what appears to be exclusively poor people that are being lifted from roofs. this leads me to believe that people with some means know of the risk and choose to live in better areas. or that they dont build middle class housing in these easy to flood zones (ditto for new orleans from memory).

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