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Buy Burberry Down Coat UPD

Even if you have the strictest criteria for a new winter coat, Burberry's one ticks every box. It's inspired by the brand's iconic trench and has an adjustable hood, belted waist and buttoned pockets. It's filled with down to lock in warmth and long enough to keep you covered.

buy burberry down coat


The key difference between a coat and a jacket comes down to length. A coat is hip-length or longer. Coats are also heavier than jackets, so they are more for winter wear than any other season. Some of the warmest coat options include fur, down, wool and leather. With the size and material needs of coats, this is a wardrobe item that requires a lot of raw resources to make. Fortunately, buying a coat second-hand from Vestiaire Collective allows you to bundle up in warmth while minimising your carbon footprint.

There is no rigid standard but jackets are generally considered to stop at the hip, and are lighter-weight than the bulkier coat. As a result, jackets are trans-seasonal clothing items and somewhat more versatile than a heavy coat.

Coats are meant to be worn in the coldest months of the year. But not everyone has the same reaction to the cold. Think about what you want out of your coat and that will help determine which style is best for you.

Besides the style of the coat, which will depend on your unique lifestyle and personal preferences, what else do you need to look for? We always recommend looking for coats that are durable. This can be determined based on the fabric: Is it made of high-quality materials? And also on craftsmanship: Does the brand have a reputation for excellence? You can use the search filters on Vestiaire to help you find your ideal coat based on the fabric or designer that you desire.

While you can think of the coat as the protective big brother, the jacket is the stylish little sister. Of course jackets also have functionality and will give some amount of protection in cold and rain. Think: the waterproof Dryzzle Futurelight jacket by The North Face.

If your winter wardrobe is feeling a bit drab, it is probably lacking in some variation. Luckily, jackets and coats are some of the most versatile articles of clothing around. Buying a pre-loved coat or jacket is sure to infuse some heat into your closet, without heating up the planet. 041b061a72

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