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[S3E18] A Shot Through The Heart

At school the next day, Clark notices Chloe seems preoccupied, but she shrugs him off and asks if he has finished his Teacher of the Year interview with Mrs. Taylor. He admits that he hasn't received a call back and she tells him he should be a more aggressive journalist. Just then, Mrs. Taylor walks through the halls and Chloe urges Clark to give it another shot. He asks again, but the teacher says she is too busy. Chloe then asks if she has ten minutes before literature class. A green mist expels as she talks. Mrs. Taylor admits that she can't do it because she watched TV instead of preparing for class, so she has to make up a pop quiz. Clark and Chloe are stunned and amused at her honesty.

[S3E18] A Shot Through the Heart

NewsRadio had already aired its fourth season finale when star and former SNL funnyman Phil Hartman was tragically killed in his sleep by his wife Brynn Hartman, who shot him three times in the early hours of May 28, 1998 after an argument in which he'd threatened to leave her if she began using drugs again. She was intoxicated and had recently ingested cocaine prior to the murder. She later locked herself in the bedroom and shot herself in the mouth, killing herself as well. When the show returned for season five in September, his character Bill McNeal was revealed to have died of a heart attack, while the other characters reminisced about his life. Hartman's friend and former SNL colleague Jon Lovitz joined the cast the following episode and remained on the series throughout the season, which would prove to be the NBC critical darling's last.

By the time Nicholas Colasanto was cast as Coach Ernie Pantusso on the seminal NBC sitcom Cheers, he'd already been diagnosed with heart disease, which had been exacerbated by his alcoholism. By season three, his health had worsened and he'd noticeably lost weight, though he kept the severity of the matter a secret. Shortly after Christmas 1984, he was admitted to a hospital due to water in his lungs. After a two week stay, he was released in the week of January 28, 1985 and his doctor recommended that he not return to work. He would die of a heart attack in his home on February 12. Though he appeared in the season finale's cold open, through the use of discarded footage, his last full episode was filmed in late November 1984. (It aired on April 11, 1985). His character's absence throughout the rest of the season was either explained away through jokes or not acknowledged. When the show returned for season four, Coach's pen-pal Woody (played by Woody Harrelson) arrived for a visit only to learn Coach had died. As result, Ted Danson's Sam Malone offers Woody a job tending bar. When the show signed off after 11 seasons in 1993, Sam is seen straightening a portrait of Geronimo that once belonged to Colasanto, hanging in his dressing room.

After telling her that the kids couldn't handle one night without their mother, Kevin shot back, "We could have made it one night." He then turned to the nurse with a wink and a smile, "Hi." We don't know what it was, either, but it had to be the early stages of that kind of cocky swagger that has carried Kevin through life. And it was absolutely hilarious to see the youngest Kevin actor, Parker Bates, laying it on so thick

Melinda walks down the stairs into the basement then hears weird breathing noises coming from inside the hole in the wall leading to the Old Grandview. Melinda grabs a flashlight and goes into the hole. Walking along the dark paths, she calls out for Paul Eastman. She tells him the stuff doesn't scare her, but he appears in a distance behind her and Melinda tells him to leave Tom alone and give her his best shot. She tries to guilt him into leaving Tom alone by saying he tried to kill himself to save Melinda from Paul, but Paul tells her that he didn't do it because of that, he did it because Paul made him do it. Melinda concludes that Paul really hates him, but Paul tells her that there are few that deserve hatred more than Tom. Paul tells Melinda that every journey begins with the first step, and the wall behind Melinda collapses. She turns back around to see Paul gone, and thinking the wall falling was a clue, she goes inside. She steps into what looks like the basement of a house. She looks around, noticing a big box with an address on the top "Kathy O'Leary, 180 Willow Lane, Grandview, Driscoll County". She turns away then begins walking up the stairs to a damaged old door. The stairs creek as Melinda walks up them, until she steps on a stair and it falls through, making Melinda fall to the floor below. Her hand lands in some soil in the floor, before finding a jaw bone. She begins digging and finds clothes, a skeleton, and a mask that Paul Eastman wears, confirming that the body Melinda has found is in fact Paul's.

Texas DrifterTwo women in two separate towns in Texas who where raped. The rapist uses a knife to threaten these women then rapes them and leaves his DNA behind. Back when these happened DNA was not profected yet so having the DNA was useless. Many years later when CODIS was developed which is a database for DNA a match to the rapists DNA was found. It was to a known serial rapist.Fingerprint FileIt was two days before Christmas a woman if found stabbed to death with the only clue left is a fingerprint left on a pop bottle. The forensic people were able to lift the print but had no success in matching it to anybody. Years later a man still working on cold cases finds a match to the fingerpprint which gives the police a lead to a killer.Rose Among ThornsJuliet Rowe was the victim who got shot in the bedroom of her English Countryside home. She was shot execution style then was shot again in the heart. The killer wanted to make sure that Juliet was dead. After thousands of endless attempts her case remained unsolved.8 years later a stranger comes into a pub and starts talking to Mr Rowe Juliet's husband. The stranger's name was Keith Rose. He was arrested on kidnapping charges 6 weeks later. Because of his arrest he brings attention to himself to the cold case investigators who then look at him in the "Rose Among Thorns" case.

Answer in the BoxAlison Parrott was a runner. Not only was she was runner she was a great runner, So much so that she had the local media interested in her, So when she got a call from a photographer to take some pictures of her running she didn't think anything wrong with it. She left to go to her photo session and wasn't seen alive again. The police had a fellow runner as the lead suspect but nothing ever happened with that lead. A cold case detective named Vic Matanovic was going through some files 10 years later and came across the case. When the detective was looking for clues to solve the case the Answer is in the Box. Usually DNA is enough to prove a case but in this case the criminal who lured Alison to her death had a plan to lure the jury to believe in the lie he was about to tell.Maternal Instinct1981 a brother and sister fell victim to a heartless mother with no regard for life. 3 month old Seth Davis was rushed to the hospital because of insulin poisoning. He was left brain damaged. 5 months later his sister, Tenga Davis, is rushed to the hospital. There she dies of Caffeine poisoning. Even though the autopsy that was turned in by the M.E. stated cause of death was a homicide, the police treated this as an accident.Their mother Mary Beth Davis moves on with her own life by moving to a different state. She starts a new family and forgets all about what happened back in her past. That is until 10 years later when Mary Beth gets a knock on her door by the cold case detectives which brings back her past as the detectives are there to prove a case of murder. 041b061a72

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