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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle

Parents need to know that Jojo's Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle R is a fighting game available for download on the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox Series X S, Xbox One, and Windows PCs. This is a new update to the 2013 game based on the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure's manga and anime franchise. Players control one of the series' many characters to fight in 3D battle arenas. Combat and violence are central to the gameplay, but the violence itself is cartoonish. Some characters dress and act provocatively, and the game features a great deal of profanity, including "s--t," "bastard," and "hell."

jojo's bizarre adventure all star battle


Other noteworthy visual aspects about the game: The epic 3/4th's angle when charactersbecome really far apart, and the slow-mo effect during K.O., which naturallyhighlights various details of theanimation (just like SF4). There's also a ton of "manga style" eye candythat pops up all over the screen during gameplay, successfully blurring theline between comic and fighting game. The only major flaw is that the game'sframerate runs at around 30 frames per second (whereas most fighting games are 60FPS). What's worse, is when there's a lot on the screen at once (such as twofighters on horseback), the frame rate drops significantly and there's even someslowdown. If your TV has a "motion enhance" option, it might actuallyhelp the frame rate in some minor instances, but it's really a shame ASB couldn'tperform better. Besides the basic modes likeVersus & Online Versus, All-Star Battle features two main singleplayer modes: Campaignand Story.Campaign is an online-based mode, set up similar to many "free-to-play"mobile games. To play this mode, players use credits from what looks like a battery gauge. This gauge refills by one bar every 5 minutes, but players canpurchase new credits (with real money) if they don't want to wait for it torefill. Players can also purchase various power-up cards to unlock stuff morequickly, but thankfully, these shameless micro-transactions aren't required toenjoy the game. (On the subject of micro-transactions, I'm sure some players also won't be happy about having to buy the additional DLC characters... but they're only $2-$3 each.) Finally, All-Star Battle features a Customize mode allowing players to customize character taunt and victory sequences. Here's the scoop on Campaign: The mode has 4 options fromtop to bottom - Campaign, Medal List, Ranking & Support Items. "MedalList" is a list of every medal you've collected for each character. Medalsrepresent all the customization items you have access to; poses, colors,dialogue lines, etc. In "Ranking," players can view other players andtheir rank online (along with their own). Finally, "Support Items"links to the PSN store and players can buy various power-ups with realmoney. In Campaign, players eitherfight against "boss"characters or ghost characters (called "visions") based on other players. For bosses, you slowly drain their HP as you win battles against them.Players can also wager additional credits to take more life away from the bosses. Upon defeatingthem, you're awarded with alternate color palettes, new costumes, victory posesand/or new taunts. There are also some mini-games that pop up in Campaign,such as "pick a card" and a "rock, paper, scissors" game.Lastly, Story Mode is a bit of a let down, especially whenconsidering the game visually resembles a comic book.Story is broken up into 8 parts (just like the manga), each part starringthe main protagonist of that series. Each chapter features a ton of text &spoken voiceovers, and the gameplay events involve respective heroes & villains battlingit out (sometimes, repeatedly). Eventhough these consecutive fights are canon in the storyline, it can get pretty monotonous for the player, and it doesn't help that all of the fights take place on the same stage. Aside from a few "alternate gameplay situations" that I won't spoil,Story Mode is mostly a bore. On the bright side, Story does provide an unfoldingwritten "summary" of each major part of the manga, which definitelyhelps to understand the story if you don't feel like reading all 8 mangas (However,beware of spoiler alerts!). On the bright side, your time spent in Story willearn you points used to unlock extras in the Gallery (complete with a cool 3DModel Viewer, Art Gallery, Sound Test & JoJo Glossary)... and it gives away some easytrophies! Forthe hardcore JJBA fan, there is a shipload of memorable dialogue to listento, but the awesome voice actors alone don't save the mode from feeling uninspired.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R is a great experience for fans already familiar with the original series and those that are jumping into the fighter as a result. There is a lot to love in that regard as the personality from the original manga is in full force, but there's much less of that "bizarre adventure" that is also at the core of Araki's series. The fighting has been improved, and there are plenty of characters to mess around with, but more fighting does not always equal more fun in this case. 041b061a72

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