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Windows 7 Loader 1.9.5: What You Need to Know Before Using this Tool to Activate Windows 7

If you select a custom/unsupported ISO, then a custom loader will be selected. An example of this would be a custom -x64-mingw-elf (Mingw) ISO. This might happen if your operating system wouldnt work with any of the listed loads, or if it does work but you prefer to use a custom loader over the OS GUI installer. This situation is rare, but possible. This ISO should work fine on all Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and 7 loaders. If you select a custom ISO that the listed loader does not support, it will not work, and will likely report an error. You should be able to select a load that supports your ISO and are unable to make a loader. If that is the case, then it is likely that you are trying to use an unsupported ISO. This is a rare and unsupported use-case, but possible.


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The Loader for Windows 10 was finally released, and has been tested on Windows 10 1607. It's not entirely safe, and the instructions are a work in progress. While it is easily reversible, it shouldn't be performed while a machine is booted into Windows 10 for a number of reasons. If you do attempt to boot into Windows 10, please make sure that you have a mechanism in place to interrupt the boot and have a flash drive, DVD or other media ready for the next step!

A. The loader will install all the drivers into the root of the new install of.NET Core or.NET 5.0. This means that the drivers will be located in a location that is not the one for the loader. In this case you must manually install them into the loader folders on their own. This includes the drivers that the loader loads into memory. By default the loader load all available drivers into memory. You should disable this option so that the drivers are not loaded unless you explicitly specify that you want them loaded. (To find the location of the loader you can use the unload module command.) To build the drivers for installation you can then copy them to the loader root. On a clean Windows install you may be able to use the loader user mode utilities available by pressing F8 at boot and selecting advanced. On existing installations the loader can be installed with ftdi_loader_install.exe.

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