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Jonathan Morris
Jonathan Morris

Buy Kemper Remote

Sometime in 2012 Kemper launched the now famous Kemper amplifier for guitarists to the world and everything really did change. At first the unit had it's bugs and that sort of thing, but Kemper is known to continually enhance the amp. Later the 'performance mode' arrived via a software update, but frankly it could be hard to use without a decent dedicated floor control pedal. In 2015 Kemper announced and later launched the Kemper remote floor controller.

buy kemper remote

This remote pedal was set to change the way that I saw the Kemper amp because prior to its release all that was available was the regular midi pedals like the Behringer or maybe (if you spent money) the Roland FC300, but none of them were a poor substitute for the real deal Kemper remote. It's one thing having all the 'performance' mode facilities in the amp and absolutely a different thing to control that amp in the way that Kemper always intended it to be controlled.

So as soon as the remote was announced I placed the order to buy one; then I waited, and waited and waited. Eventually after a few months my remote pedal arrived. The cost was around $599 in the USA and 499 Mickey Mouse Euros. In the real world that's about 400 which is not peanuts for a midi controller type of pedal. But it does come with a professional connecting cable that Kemper have included in the price so all is not that bad on pricing really. However, the remote offers a looper (not available any other way than buying this pedal) and of course full and complete integration in to controlling that power in the Kemper amp once and for all. Exactly what Kemper users have needed for some time.

As always in my 'inside and out' reviews I do take a look at exactly how products are put together to get some idea about the overall quality inside and outside of the unit. In the case of the remote (like the amplifier) I am not concerned at all about the overall quality of this pedal. Kemper, a German company are very effective in manufacturing and have (as a company) been around for a long time so it's likely that once I opened up the unit that everything was going to be cool. And it is!

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Kemper employs nearly 6,000 associates, and its 6 million service policies are independently represented by over 20,000 agents and brokers. As an employer, the company believes its overall success lies in the success and achievements of its team. In the past, Kemper has posted part-time, freelance, temporary, and remote jobs in insurance and insurance claims, as well as in administrative, data entry, accounting & finance, and other fields.

We usually ship EPROMs between 1 and 3 working days after ordering in case of PayPal payment. In case of payment through bank transfer, it can take a few days for the payment to be processed. Due to the use of regular post service, it is hard to give an estimation on delivery time. In most cases, delivery takes less than a week within Europe, and 1 to 3 weeks for the US and Canada. But shipping times of 4 to 6 weeks may happen sporadically. For remote destinations like Australia, China, South-America sometimes even up to 8 weeks apparently.

The Profiler Remote is the perfect remote foot controller for the Kemper Profiler, fully integrated with the Profiler hardware and software. This integration includes phantom power supply from the Profiler, a display to reflect important information about the current working mode, connectors for additional pedals and automatic maintenance during firmware upgrades.

The Profiler Remote is a unique remote foot controller that goes beyond the obvious and established concepts. The tight integration with the excellent features of the Kemper Profiler make this combination the most powerful and inspiring performance solution ever while keeping it simple and straightforward in terms of programming, assigning and operation.

The Looper Button activates the Profiler's new Looper function for recording up to 30 seconds in stereo. When activated the Looper turns the Bank Up/ Down and Rig Buttons on the remote to versatile Looper controls:

Generally, when the Commission imposes new requirements, it weighs the benefits against the burdens of the proposal. In this case, the burden to directors is very great. Yet in contrast, we see very little benefit to the shareholders. It is not at all clear what value it is to shareholders to receive information about the interests of the directors' extended family members or about remote business relationships. Any value to shareholders is further reduced if the requirement significantly reduces the willingness of persons to serve as directors.

Further, we are concerned by the Commission's articulated standard of independence, particularly the fact that relatively minor work for a remote affiliate of the adviser during any two-year period could undo our extensive evaluation and selection of counsel. Although the proposed rule provides some discretion to independent directors to make an exception for remote or minor conflicts of interest, the proposed rule is so vague regarding what is permissible (and the examples in the proposing release are so extreme), it invites litigation on this issue. Our concern about the independent counsel proposal is heightened for complexes served by investment advisers, principal underwriters or administrators that are part of large organizations such as ours, where there may be many distant affiliates engaged in businesses completely unrelated to the fund business, and where application of the rule could have unintended and adverse consequences to our ability to receive desired and effective counsel representation. 041b061a72

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