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Buy Onyx Countertops 2021

Onyx is a unique and stunning choice for a countertop, backsplash, vanity or other home structure. This amazing natural stone comes with a unique ability: Because onyx is translucent, the stone is able to be backlit. Having an onyx countertop can give your kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops or vanities a bold feel. The surface will instantly become the focal point of any room you install it in. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind natural stone to use in the home, installing an onyx slab can give you that element of rarity that you are going for. The stone can be found in many beautiful colors and patterns, meaning that an onyx countertop can fit in well wherever you put it. If you want a surface that will truly catch the attention of all your guests when they enter the room, you should undoubtedly consider onyx.

buy onyx countertops

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Although it is not your cheapest option, onyx will be well worth the cost if you are looking for a unique option for a countertop, backsplash, vanity or other home structure. There are few materials that can even come close to being as breathtaking as this natural stone.

Onyx itself is a translucent stone used in a wide range of applications such as flooring, backsplashes and countertops, in both bathrooms and kitchens. This diversity paired with its stunning appearance is what makes it a sought-after material among both designers and homeowners.

When choosing commercial cleaners, steer clear of abrasive ones as these can damage the appearance of your onyx countertop. Make sure you read the label first to avoid using something that might be too harsh or acidic. Instead, purchase ones with a neutral pH level.

You can use a soft microfibre cloth to clean your onyx countertop, but the best results are generally attained by using a soft tissue. Also, remember not to pour or spray the cleaner directly onto the onyx. Being porous in nature, it may absorb some of this liquid which can in turn affect its appearance.

Onyx countertops need to be sealed every one to three years to keep their durability and beauty intact. The frequency depends on the amount of abuse the countertop receives, the cleaners you use and the colour of the stone. (Lighter surfaces stain more easily than darker ones so need to be sealed more often.) Again, your countertop provider should be able to provide a resealing schedule to allow for the best results.

Onyx natural stone is striking and dramatic when used for countertops, accent walls, and other applications in a home or hospitality setting. While onyx kitchen countertops and onyx bathroom countertops can be stunning, this stone is more for aesthetic purposes as it is not quite as practical for these locations. The beautiful bold colors, swirling patterns, and translucency of onyx slabs make them easy to backlight and ideal for accent walls and backsplashes.

To get a better sense of how onyx will enhance your space, we invite you to use our kitchen countertop visualizer. This easily-customizable tool lets you toggle through design and material options at your convenience.

Our team understands the importance of knowing what your space will look like before final installation. To get a sense of how onyx can complement your fixtures and decor, check out our bathroom countertop visualizer!

Find the finest onyx in Calgary for your kitchen, bathroom or other surfaces in your home at Stone Selection. Due to the unique way this stone naturally forms, onyx slab colours and patterns vary greatly, resulting in a unique and different look compared to most other natural stones. Onyx is formed by way of precipitate: water dripping and then evaporating, leaving behind a small amount of calcium carbonate and other minerals. Over thousands of years, the consolidated minerals form naturally magnificent onyx stone. Its dramatic patterns and beautiful colours make onyx countertops stand out as something very special, as is evident when viewing a beautiful onyx slab, countertop or onyx backsplash. Visit our onyx gallery to explore our selection of stone, and consider purchasing an onyx slab to elevate the look your home.

Depending on your preferred sense of style and the room in your house you would like to enhance, you can choose a coloured or white onyx countertop for your one-of-a-kind stone. There are even onyx slabs that are translucent; in ancient times, onyx was used as windows before the advent of glass windows. Today, onyx is one of the few solid countertop and backsplash materials that can be backlit. Backlighting on an onyx counter or backsplash creates an incredibly beautiful and high-end look that appeals to many homeowners and gets designers excited. Due to its balance of ultra elegance and solid durability, many homeowners opt for an onyx backsplash

Due to the rare specifications of this unique stone, onyx slabs can be difficult to process. Onyx countertops are generally one of the more expensive natural stone options, but homeowners and designers alike feel the additional investment for an onyx counter or backsplash is worth it for special applications such as a wall feature or backlit countertop feature. Onyx backsplashes with a lighting design create stunning pieces of natural art that also perform an essential function within the home. It is important to note that onyx is a very soft stone and onyx kitchen countertops, in particular, are more sensitive to acids compared to some other natural stones. That makes protecting your onyx counters with proper protection products highly important.

From a pure white onyx slab to black onyx countertops, this stone is one of the most exotic natural stones available on the market today. The diversity of colours and patterns make onyx countertops and backsplashes a popular choice. This can create a competitive market, but Stone Selection is committed to providing a good variety of onyx to our customers in the Calgary area. We are the clear choice for finding the best onyx in Calgary. In particular, the beautiful white onyx is a top seller as well as some of the more dramatic onyx like Onice Velluto. Visit our showroom and onyx gallery today to see the possibilities for your new onyx counters!

Onyx is truly a piece of art. Due to their striking and extraordinary appearance, onyx slabs turn any modern space into the height of luxury. Ranging from neutral to vibrant colors, the stone's most definite feature is its bands of minerals.

Onyx slabs are known for their incredible translucent hues. They range in a spectrum of colors, from whites and blacks to more vivid shades of green, pink, blue, and orange. In addition to their vibrant colors, onyx slabs stand out due to their bold banding.

As we already mentioned, onyx is one of the more fragile natural stones. Although onyx slabs can be installed as kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, or table and bar tops, we do not recommend it. As a result, we suggest that you carefully consider where you want to install your onyx slab.

Despite their beauty, there are some disadvantages to installing onyx countertops and onyx wall coverings. Onyx is a soft, brittle stone, which means it scratches more easily than a hard stone like granite.

Onyx kitchen countertops are also vulnerable to etching, which is surface damage caused by acids like coffee, lemon juice, or wine. You can safeguard your countertops by quickly cleaning spills and regularly re-sealing the surface.

This natural stone is simply stunning, with varieties of green onyx slabs, blue onyx slabs, white onyx slabs, and black onyx slabs all present in nature. Its natural vibrancy, rich bands, and translucency make it a piece of art.

As onyx slabs are translucent, they softly diffuse light, imbuing a space with a soft, colorful glow. Hence, we suggest placing your onyx wall in a space that receives a lot of natural light, so its beauty can really shine. In turn, a backlit onyx wall or a lighted onyx slab is a great way to subtly brighten a dark room and create an ambient atmosphere.

Avoid bringing your countertop in contact with acidic substances. Like with any natural stone, you should clean any spills immediately to prevent staining. To clean your natural onyx stone countertop, use a neutral, non-abrasive household cleaner, preferably one for natural stones.

As onyx is a soft stone, it does scratch and chip more easily than a hard stone like granite. If you do choose to have a natural onyx countertop, place a pot or pans on mats or pads instead of directly on the surface.

If you spill anything on a natural onyx slab, be sure to clean it up quickly with a non-abrasive cleaner to prevent staining. Additionally, regularly re-seal the stone's surface to protect it from staining and moisture damage.

Onyx is a natural gemstone. Onyx is a translucent and soft stone. It is common that Onyx is used on vertical surfaces rather than as countertops because Onyx is a very soft stone. It is also common that Onyx is used as jewelry.

Onyx countertops are more expensive than granite, marble, quartzite, and quartz countertops. Onyx countertops price usually starts at $300 sq. Ft. and they were up based on the actual slab you select.

Columbus Granite specializes in providing high-quality granite and quartz countertops for both residential and commercial properties. Our services include fabrication, installation, and supply of granite and quartz slabs.

One clear take-away point that anyone thinking about using onyx in their home should know, is that it is a wonderful addition to interiors that lends warmth and grace to rooms, and adds value to a home. So peruse some different types of this elegant stone, and you might just find the perfect fit.

For all of its natural beauty, onyx does have some downsides when compared to granite and quartz. To begin with, the stone is relatively brittle and usually requires some kind of stabilizing material to give it extra strength. Onyx also reacts with acids, meaning that it has to be sealed to prevent damage to the stone over time. These factors frequently drive people to choose more durable stones, particularly for their kitchen counters. 041b061a72

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