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Jonathan Morris
Jonathan Morris

NBA 2k14

2K Sports continues to entertain basketball fanatics around the world with NBA 2k14. This game still stays true to its predecessors in simulating pro basketball goodness with some additional modes and features that enhances the players' experience.

NBA 2k14

NBA 2k14 is set to be released on October 1st, and player ratings are starting to leak out. The game has long been one of the most fun sports games to play on the market, and though there are no new features that stick out too much in this iteration, NBA 2k14 comes with much fanfare after some stellar reception across the web.

But getting back to the Rockets, the ratings get simply wonky as you keep going down the list. Lin, Parsons, and Beverley seem fairly reasonably rated where they are, but then Marcus Camby appears above Omer Asik. What is this, 2006? Omer Asik was one of the league's top centers on defense and on the boards, and Camby battled injuries as a 39 year old and made just 17 shots all year. Yes, he used to be a tremendous player in a similar role to Asik, but the Rockets aren't expecting much from Camby and neither should 2k14.

The official trailer for NBA 2k14 came out today and the game looks ridiculously realistic. The trailer features players like Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, and Lebron James and they all look incredibly real. 041b061a72

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