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You Have Requested : Fate.The.Winx.Saga.S01E04....

That is, sooner or later, they will have to face that. It is inevitable. And if Terra finds out by someone other than them it will be much worse. So there is no point in keeping it hidden. For example, what happens between Terra and her father.

You have requested : Fate.The.Winx.Saga.S01E04....

btw, it looks like your saving your libray in the same location your downloading to? thats really not a good idea. ie if your download client is playing the same directory as sonarr is saving to then you have the potential to lose files or things can get really weird.

the quality profile looks ok, its also assigned to the series. i cant tell for sure but it looks like you have upgrades disabled so it shouldnt even upgrade from 480p to 720p - not sure why it did and would need trace/debug level logs to work out why.

@markus101 my sonarr seems to be rotating through 50 debug log files, is that a part of base sonarr, or is it something in the docker image doing that? just wondering why OP doesnt seem to have multiple log files to upload but i do. im still on (i need to upgrade)

In February 2022, star Stellan Skarsgård indicated that the series would have a second season, with filming for it beginning in late 2022.[38] That April, cinematographer Adriano Goldman said there had originally been plans for the series to last five seasons, but he believed those had changed and it was now expected to last three.[39] At Star Wars Celebration a month later, Lucasfilm confirmed a 12-episode second season.[40] Gilroy explained that the original five-season plan was deemed to be "physically impossible" due to the series' scale,[41] and instead they realized that they could end the series with one more season that led directly into the events of Rogue One.[40][41][42]

Luna and Gilroy said the series was also about "how the disenfranchised can stand up to effect change".[46] Co-star Fiona Shaw described Gilroy's political commentary in the scripts as a "great, scurrilous [take] on the Trumpian world", adding that "our world is exploding in different places right now, people's rights are disappearing, and Andor reflects that. [In the show] the Empire is taking over, and it feels like the same thing is happening in reality, too".[47] Meanwhile, Gough has stated that her character arc in the series deals with gender politics, while Gilroy explained that "We have a very, very, very deep dive into the Imperial side of the story".[12] After starting with Andor's story in the first three episodes, the fourth begins to expand the scope of the series to include the rest of its large ensemble cast, such as Rebel leader Mon Mothma, whose path will cross with Andor's in the second season. Gilroy felt Star Wars fans would see Mothma in a new light after watching the series, and added that there were key characters and events in the series that would be different or "more interesting" than fans previously realized: "What you've been told, what's on Wookieepedia... is really all wrong".[5]

Gilroy contacted Nicholas Britell about composing for the series in 2020, before filming began so he could compose source music that would be played on set. Gilroy and Britell, who are neighbors in Manhattan, first met for the project in August 2020. Kennedy and Gilroy wanted the series to have a unique sound, and Britell said it would be "orchestral-plus" with a "wide range of sounds" including some that he had created. He added that the large scope of the series meant that "every episode has new demands, new music, and new ideas. It's important that as the story evolves, the music should evolve too."[75] Britell was publicly revealed to be the series' composer in February 2022,[76] and was still working on it that May when he said they had been "working nonstop for months, actually years, at this point". Recording was underway by then at AIR Lyndhurst studios in London, with a full orchestra. Britell was unable to travel to London due to the pandemic, but had a team in place there that also worked with him on other television series.[75]

Luna promoted the series and debuted the official trailer on Good Morning America on August 1.[81] Hattie Lindert from The A.V. Club highlighted the action scenes in the trailer, saying "In addition to the epic scale and darker tone, the series also promises intense fight scenes created with limited green screen use" and also noted Gilroy's experience with action films due to his work on the Jason Bourne films.[82] The Hollywood Reporter's James Hibberd enjoyed Andor's increased screen-time in the trailer compared to the teaser, and felt the series was a "welcome scenic change from the company's previous Star Wars shows".[83] At CNN, Scottie Andrew felt it "reveals a bit more about Andor's evolution from common thief to galactic martyr".[84] Luna and Kennedy promoted the series at the 2022 D23 Expo,[85] with CNET's Keane writing "The trailer paints a pretty grim setup for revolutionary fighter Cassian Andor and his pals, as fighting the Empire and row upon row of Stormtroopers looks like a one-way ticket to death".[86] Meanwhile, Collider's Rachel Leishman felt the trailer "gives us a bit more of a look at where the rebellion is and who is fighting back against the Empire" and was excited for the portrayal of the Empire in the series, writing "Seeing these little missions and the feelings that the rebels have towards the Empire feels so perfectly align with what we know about Cassian that this trailer really just has us excited for what is to come with the series".[87]

In a four star review, The Guardian called Andor "the best Star Wars show since The Mandalorian",[112] while Variety was positive towards Andor's departure from other Star Wars projects with a "story of people who have nothing to do with Solos, Skywalkers or Palpatines, but whose lives matter nonetheless".[113] 041b061a72

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