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Jonathan Morris
Jonathan Morris

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reptile's strength is in his low-damage special moves and high-damage flurries that mow down an opponent with ease. his air moves, while powerful, are more situational, whereas his ground moves are sufficient for the most part, and his sub-zero lariat is an excellent finisher for transitioning between characters. for the most part, i found it to be a similar character to that of johnny cage, from the first mortal kombat, though with stronger combos, faster special moves, and sharper moves.

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in the end, i settled on reptile, but it should be evident that the character choice doesn't really affect the gameplay, except for one particular thing: the new raiden variant. raiden also has some handy moves as well, but i didn't use them as much as i did for reptile. regardless, i really enjoyed picking two characters from two factions and trying to see which one would come out on top. the team i played with on occasion also has a few mortal kombat x characters, so hopefully we'll manage to play that soon as well. tune in tomorrow for the second part of my marvel contest of champions review !

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